History Of Jerky

The origins of smoking meat to preserve it have been lost in the mists of time. But what is known is that for centuries many civilizations have been using the technique. Many suspect that the process could go back as far as the cave man days.


It is well documented that Captain Cook had dried meat on board the Endeavour. Italians and Germans, in fact all European nations, are known for their smoke curing of meat. The popularity of Jerky in America is huge. Its history in that country alone can be traced right back to the American Indians.


Nowadays those same techniques form the basis of the process that gives us great tasting Jerky.

At Ol’ Pete’s, we have taken the old recipes and techniques, modernized them to suit current health requirements packaged it as Beef Jerky.


We have also enhanced the recipes and developed an exciting range of Beef Jerky flavours. There is sure to be a favourite for everyone, both young and old.


The history of Jerky is long and the subject of many discussions, but the one certainty is its future. While companies like Ol’ Pete’s continue to dedicate themselves to the product and promote and develop its appeal, Jerky will continue to be one of the oldest food types known to man.


Ol’ Pete himself has studied the techniques of Jerky making from around the globe and knows Jerky like no-one else. If you have any questions regarding Jerky, you can email Ol’ Pete’s and Ol’ Pete will always be happy to answer your questions.